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Quilt Guild Programs and Workshops

Meet Tori!

Tori McElwain

I am a Quilting Instructor, Course Designer, and Pattern Designer. I have been quilting for over 20 years and have an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M - Central Texas, along with many years of teaching experience.

I am a past Kindergarten teacher, and currently wife to an Active Duty Serviceman, as well as a mother of two and dog mom! I love to travel and I absolutely love sharing my passion for quilting!

Movement is a passion I have. I have been a dancer since I was a toddler! This passion has worked its way into my quilting style and I have developed a program and workshop to help other quilters identify and add this unique element to their quilts! 

Teaching fellow quilters and crafters how to design workshops effectively and strategically has inspired me to want to reach more crafters so they can share their talent! I am on a mission to help more creatives turn their craft into a course!


Currently, I only offer virtual programs and workshops, with an exception to the Metro Detroit Area in Michigan!

See below:

+ A Quilter's Journey Trunk Show

+ Movement in Quilting  

+ Turn Your Pattern into a Workshop

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Trunk Show
Tori and Her Quilt Guild Program Quilts on a Bridge
A Quilter's Journey Trunk Show


I weave my personal journey in quilting in this Trunk Show to illustrate the answers to the questions I am asked most often:  How did you start your business? Who taught you to quilt? What is your inspiration? I speak about when I started quilting, what it became to me and how it became my business. I also share how I developed my Quilt Patterns and their inspiration.  

I share personal stories throughout my life, from my childhood as a twin, to present day as a mom and military spouse. I spend time discussing my personal quilt pattern style and how I pulled inspiration for my patterns and quilting motifs from my love of dance. I love incorporating movement into my patterns and touch on practical ways that other quilters can add movement in their quilts.

Mirror Mirror Quilt Pattern Example for the Movement in Quilting Quilt Guild Program
Movement in Quilting


My Movement in Quilting program introduces movement and the 4 Elements of Movement. It's chalked full of practical examples of how quilters can incorporate movement into their quilts. I share how movement can be put into quilts in four ways: piecing, color, patterns, and quilting. I describe how a quilt can have movement, and how movement can be added to simple patchworks or used in precise paper piecing projects. I illustrate movement and the 4 Elements of Movement in my quilt patterns and share the inspiration behind each design. If your quilters find it hard to choose fabric for areas of a quilt or wonder how to choose blocks for their quilts, my Movement in Quilting Program will leave your members with a new perspective on quilt design and how best to add a little more movement into their quilt projects. 



This workshop illustrates and demonstrates how a quilter can put movement into their quilts! I go into detail about the 4 Elements of Movement: piecing, color, patterns, and quilting to match their preferences.


 In this workshop I go over how to incorporate the 4 Elements of Movement into your quilts.

Students create a unique wall hanging using half square triangles to create a quilt with their personal preferences incorporated. Extra dimension will be incorporated in this full day workshop using quilting, either free motion or straight-line domestic quilting. Students will walk away with tools for block placement, quilting strategies and ideas, manipulating patterns to fit their preferences, and basics on creating their own patterns.

Pattern Workshop
Map the Stars Quilt Pattern Example for Quilt Guild Program turn your Quilt Pattern into a workshop
Turn Your Quilt Pattern
into a Workshop


Learn how to design an impactful workshop that elevates your patterns. Discover the best learning design strategies and apply simple science to ensure your workshop succeeds and keeps your students coming back for more. Engage and inspire your students for an unforgettable learning experience.


Pick a pattern that you have designed and let's dive into a Curriculum Map. We will take your pattern and create your workshop strategy from set up, to content layout, and description and marketing strategy that works best for you and your time. My workshops are hands on and discussion based, so you will be receiving direct feedback from me and your peers. Workshop attendees will walk away with a solid layout, description, and outlined script as well as a plan for reaching new quilters that is fun and creative! 


Download my pricing sheet here:


If you are interested in any of the virtual Programs or Workshops above, feel free to contact Tori below!
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