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Tori McElwain

I am an International Teacher, Speaker, and Pattern Designer. I have been quilting for 20 years and have an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, along with many years of teaching experience. I developed a unique program about the 4 Elements of Movement in Quilting and I am a Certified Teacher for Color Confidence, a program from Shannon Brinkley. 

I am a past Kindergarten teacher, and currently wife to an Active Duty Serviceman, as well as a mother and dog mom! I love to travel and I absolutely love sharing my passion for quilting!


For many, color can be very intuitive and for others it's not. I wanted to share a color curriculum that supports all learning styles and preferences. This curriculum makes a topic that can be challenging, or vague, very concrete and doable. 


Having an eye for color is something that can be learned and taught. The feedback on this Color Confidence curriculum and workshops has been tremendous and I know your students are going to love it! 

Movement is a passion I have. I have been a dancer since I was a toddler! This passion has worked its way into my quilting style and I have developed a program and workshop to help other quilters identify and add this unique element to their quilts! 


I offer in-person and virtual programs and workshops!

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+ Color Confidence for Quilters

+ A Quilter's Journey Trunk Show

+ Movement in Quilting 

+ Quilting Motifs: Design with Confidence 

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Color Confidence and Movement Programs can be edited to fit time allotments from 45 minutes to 2 day workshops and virtual series.

I will not be available to present in March - May 2022

Color Confidence For Quilters


In this program, I demystify the sometimes intimidating task that is choosing a fabric color palette. I teach about Color Theory basics in a way that is really concrete and easy to understand, providing several "color formulas" for choosing your next palette, as well as some secret designer tricks that can instantly turn a fabric palette from dull or off to fabulous. 

In addition to learning about the science of color, I teach about pattern mixing, as well as how to pull inspiration from art or nature to build a unique and beautiful color story. 

With lots and lots of quilting-specific examples and tips, this program will help even the most color confused quilters gain confidence in their ability to put together an interesting palette.



SO much of fabric/color selection has to do with intuition. That question of “Does this look right?” is a question of intuition. Just like great chefs that taste the sauce as they make it — they intuitively know if they need to add more salt or garlic. A fabric pull is exactly the same.

But that chef didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to make a killer marinara sauce. She studies under other great chefs, she spends her life tasting great food, trying new things, noticing flavor combinations she loves. A great quilter does the same thing. She learns the “rules” around color, she plays with new color stories, she pays attention to design and color palettes that really attract or repel her, asking, “What about this is attractive to me?” or “What about this is so unattractive to me?”. Then she experiments with those conclusions. Little by little her intuition for color gets stronger, and she is able to pull together gorgeous palettes, just like that chef’s sauce. Also like the chef, she will become better and better every year.

In this workshop, we begin (or continue) to train our eye to notice hue, color harmony, and balance. We'll learn about color theory, exploring classic color palettes and how to build them, and go through several exercises that will literally train our eyes to distinguish subtle differences in color, value, and saturation. We'll also learn how to mix and match prints, playing with color and scale to create totally unique and beautiful looks. 

This workshop is very hands on, concrete, and fun. It is appropriate for quilters who have no idea how to use a color wheel and only ever use precuts, as well as quilters with a great eye for color who are looking to create more interesting, dynamic palettes and develop a signature style (and everyone in between).

A Quilter's Journey Trunk Show


I weave my personal journey in quilting in this Trunk Show to illustrate the answers to the questions I am asked most often:  How did you start your business? Who taught you to quilt? What is your inspiration? I speak about when I started quilting, what it became to me and how it became my business. I also share how I developed my Quilt Patterns and their inspiration.  

I share personal stories throughout my life, from my childhood as a twin, to present day as a mom and military spouse. I spend time discussing my personal quilt pattern style and how I pulled inspiration for my patterns and quilting motifs from my love of dance. I love incorporating movement into my patterns and touch on practical ways that other quilters can add movement in their quilts.

Movement in Quilting


Movement in quilts is my favorite topic (besides color!). In this new program I share how movement can be put into quilts in one of four ways: piecing, color, patterns, and quilting.  I share how a quilt can have movement, how to add movement to a stagnant quilt, and how to space out movement for busier quilts. Movement can be added into simple patchworks or utilized in precise paper piecing beauties. I illustrate what movement my quilt patterns have and share the inspiration behind each design. This program introduces the movement concepts and will leave quilters with practical examples of how they can incorporate movement into their quilts. 



This workshop illustrates and demonstrates how a quilter can put movement into their quilts! I go into detail about the 4 Elements of Movement: piecing, color, patterns, and quilting to match their preferences.


 In this workshop I go over how to incorporate the 4 Elements of Movement into your quilts.

Students create a unique wall hanging using half square triangles to create a quilt with their personal preferences incorporated. Extra dimension will be incorporated in this full day workshop using quilting, either free motion or straight-line domestic quilting. Students will walk away with tools for block placement, quilting strategies and ideas, manipulating patterns to fit their preferences, and basics on creating their own patterns.

Pattern Photos-29.jpg
Quilting Motifs: Design with Confidence


 My Quilt Design Strategy Program is full of examples and beautiful quilting! I discuss both straight-line and free motion techniques, edge to edge design and custom quilting strategies, thread, thread color, and batting preferences; all broken down into Harmony or Contrast to make it digestible while adding a ton of value. This Program applies to both long arm quilters and domestic quilters! If students have just began quilting their own tops or have been quilting for years, this program can help guide you through choosing your quilting motifs and introducing new concepts and design strategies.  

Workshop (3 hour or Full Day options)

This Workshop is designed for quilters who struggle with deciding what to quilt on a quilt top. I discuss both straight-line and free motion techniques, edge to edge design and custom quilting strategies, thread, thread color, and batting preferences. his workshop applies to both long arm quilters and domestic quilters! If students have just began quilting their own tops or have been quilting for years, this class can help guide you through choosing your quilting motifs and introducing new concepts and design strategies.  

We will be exploring personal preferences and discussing what steps to take to make a comprehensive decision process in choosing quilting motifs, mapped out by students for future reference. 

Many examples are provided as well as opportunities for students to experiment and discuss different ways of quilting quilt top examples.

If a 3 hour Workshop is chosen, students will be practicing with worksheets and choosing a quilt top design and drawing new ideas. If a full day workshop is chosen (which can be broken up into 2 days), we will be creating a unique wall hanging using Half Square Triangles (using the 24 at a time method). I will also have a flimsy (or quilt top) to discuss how to quilt. Students can feel free to bring a flimsy to share! 

Workshop includes: 
+ Worksheets
+ Quilt Design Map
+ Batting Reference Sheet

I will not be available to present in March - May 2022

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