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Tailoring Workshop

Optimize Your Course Masterclass

This virtual Masterclass is on January 5th!

It's unique being a craft teacher! We are teaching hands-on skills, techniques, or patterns, not just knowledge. Hands on learning needs a slightly different approach to help or students be successful.

Lets take your course - or next course idea - and optimize the success! We will apply current Course Design ideas to optimize your students success, your courses impact, and ultimately provide a higher quality course, workshop, or class.


This class is for you, if: 

+ You quilt or have a craft that other people have been asking you to teach them
+ You have been wanting to launch a digital course or in person workshop
+ You have been teaching quilting or other craft for less than 5 years
+ You want a lucrative side hustle
+ You want to create presentations - for quilt guilds, for webinars, for craft shows, or for fun!
+ You want to hang with me and learn about course design
+ You are coachable and will to take a close look at what you do well and what you can improve on
+ You believe that anyone can learn 


Hi, I'm Tori and I started designing Quilt Patterns and teaching quilting to afford my Starbucks! When I realized how much fun, and even lucrative it was, I dived in! Now, I've combined my hobby (quilting!) with my day job and background as an Instructional Designer with a Masters in Education, to create the Creative's Course Design Workshop where I teach Creative Teachers how to turn their craft into a course. We create lucrative, impactful, and creatively styled courses that keep your students coming back for more! 

If you have ever reflected on your course and thought...

"Am I being articulate enough???"

"I don't have time to do everything!"

"How can I make this better?"

You're in the right place! I'll show you where you can find the answers and provide solutions for managing time, how to get feedback, and provide a structure and checklist to help you take the next steps in optimizing your class. 

This is such a passion of mine, that on January 5th I will also be giving away a ticket to my signature course: Creatives Course Design ($995 value!).

In the Optimize Your Course Masterclass, I will help you take a close look at:

  • What you're doing well.

  • What needs work.

  • How to know if you're providing impact for your students.

  • How to set clear expectations.

  • Do you need to be more efficient with your time?

  • The best way to learn new teaching techniques.

This Masterclass will be recorded and sent out to those who book their spot. 

See you there!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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