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Tori McElwain from The Quilt Patch by Tori


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This pandemic has hit us all very differently.

My toddler has been my hero. He has taken this quarantine in strides and has developed an amazing sense of creativity at only 23 months old!

I took a leaf out of his book and turned my stress into a productive product, or really a range of products. I am making masks, fitted and pleated, and scrub caps. 3-D things that I never ever would have thought I'd be making!

Mask-making has allowed me to work the stress out in a creative and full filling way. When I first put the offer out there that I would provide masks for those in my community on Facebook and in my business page, I had NO idea it would turn into a full-time gig for the next 6+ weeks! I have made masks for family, friends, friends of friends, strangers, medical personnel, active duty military personnel, federal employees, a special needs home, high-risk individuals, and even 50 for teachers at a middle school. I have made over 420 masks and I am still making more! I learned a great deal about how to streamline this process and make sure I did not overwork myself as I did in the beginning weeks.

During this time of crazy mask orders, I also had a medical emergency and had to visit the ER. I really got to see what the hospitals had become; how they had set up emergency room procedures and a mobile medical facility outside. I saw the fear and distrust in everyone's eyes; both the medical personnel and the patients. It made me glad to be working so hard for so many and creating so many face masks to hopefully help slow the spread.

Before you comment, I do know the facts of the efficiency of the masks. I am not claiming to save lives with the masks I've made, only to say I know they help.

Making masks and scrub caps has also had another side effect that I did not expect: the time, practice, and resources to grow my business! Hence, this beautiful website and the amount of training under an experienced quilting business guru, Shannon Brinkley. I hope to use this time to learn and grow and that you join me for this crazy ride!

During this time we were living in historical and unprecedented times.

I hope you find the creativity to make a positive out of this crazy time and continue to stay safe out there!


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