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The Sunshine Quilt Block and Pattern

Updated: May 19, 2023

Tori McElwain from The Quilt Patch by Tori


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The Story:

The Sunshine Pattern was inspired by a hotel wallpaper. I loved the long lines and how the sun images stacked on top of themselves. I believe the wall paper had a more flat design and showed more like 3/4 of the sun, and I remember the colors being awful and I wished they had chosen different ones. I couldn't get the thought out of my head that it would make a great quilt, especially with brighter colors!

Well, it does! Although my version is different, it does have the same movement that my inspiration had.

During a night of insomnia, I drew out the block design on graph paper, then opened up EQ8 to digitize the block. Creating the mock ups were fairly easy and fun! Creating the FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing), however, was a challenge.

Specifically, the rays from the half sun and the half sun itself! I played with it for days and kept going back and forth between applique and FPP, eventually landing on FPP and finally reaching out for pattern testers. I got SO many responses that I had to start turning wonderful quilters away.

I got amazing feedback very quickly and was able to fix the y-seam templates and improve the curve. I also added an applique option for the half circle. It's a fun and versatile pattern with options!

I love creating patterns like this that are a creative framework for quilters.

Specifics About the Pattern:

The Sunshine Pattern includes sizes from Pillow (1 block) to a large throw.

It is constructed as a Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern (FPP) with an alternative Applique template for the curved half sun.

It is rated as a Intermediate or Adventurous Beginner pattern.

The Sunshine Pattern Includes:

  • Diagrams for piecing placement as well as helpful visuals

  • Diagrams for piecing the different styles and quilt sizes together

  • 2 Coloring Pages to help you design your quilt.

I have also included basic FPP instructions, curved piecing tips, as well as turned edge appliqué instructions and tips.

I also have recorded an Instructional video that can be purchased. The video walks you through how to piece 2 blocks, one with complete FPP as well as curved piecing, and the second with the appliqué alternative. See a Preview Below!

The Sunshine Pattern is currently only available in PDF Format.

You can purchase the Instructional Video in my shop, Here!

Get your Sunshine Quilt PDF Pattern here!

Here is my finished Sunset inspired Table Runner top! My machine table is unfortunately out of commission and missing a leg, so the finished quilt will be added as soon as I can fix my table!


Meet the (amazing!) Pattern Testers!

Audrey Ainsworth:

Wow! She made my mock up come to life! It's Audrey to thank for giving me such fast feedback and a few ideas for improvement before she even started piecing! Thank you!

"Absolutely love this pattern. It was a lot of fun!" - Audrey Ainsworth

You can find Audrey on Instagram @shadow.doc05

Susan Goetschius:

Susan used scraps! This scrappy version is bright and spectacular, and I am all for it! It looks amazing and I am so thankful for her time and feedback!

"Loved making the pattern and learned a few new techniques." - Susan Goetschius

You can find Susan on Instagram @quiltmod519.

Nadine Adele:

All the way from the UK, Nadine pieced together this gorgeous table runner using the inverted blocks! WOW! She did an amazing job choosing an original color palette and snapping these pictures. I wish I could join her in her kitchen nook! Thank you for your time and feedback!

"LOVED testing this pattern!" - Nadine Adele

You can find Nadine on Instagram @always.cosy!

Or on her Etsy site here!

Kris Sedlock:

Kris is a local pattern tester! She graciously agreed to make a pillow and look how adorable it turned out! Thank you so much Kris for your time!

You can find Kris on Instagram @kris10_quilts

Mary Blanchard:

Look at this amazing in-progress picture! I just loved her colors and wanted to share her version as is right now! I can not wait to see this top finished! Thank you Mary!

Mary can be found on Instagram @maryallensews

More to come!


Let's bring a little sunshine in! Get your Sunshine Quilt PDF Pattern here!

Get an Instructional Video for the Pattern, here!

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