Levels 1-3 Class Bundle!

Levels 1-3 Class Bundle!

Gift giving made easy! Bundle all 3 Levels! The recipient will recieve 3 certificates. Each Gift Certificate allows the recipient to attend a Virtual session of my Learn to Quilt - Level 1 class: Tools of the Trade, Learn to Quilt Level 2 class: The 4 Patch, and Domestic Quilting 101 (Level 3).


Level 1 is for those that are unfamiliar with their sewing machine or need a refresher. Level one will equip you with the skills to sew your first quilt top by making a French Seam Pillowcase (or 2! your choice!).


Level 2: The Four Patch is all about piecing. This class is great if you have basic sewing skills, but would like to learn how to quilt.


Dometic Quilting 101 (Level 3): This virtual class is for the quilter who is ready to learn to domestic quilt on their home sewing machine and finish their tops on their own. Tops from baby size to full size can be quilted on home (or domestic) sewing machines!


See Details and Upcoming Classes HERE.


Leveled classes are held at least 4 times per year. They are recorded for future reference and the recipient will be given access to the recorded lesson indefinitely.


With in 24 hours of purchase, you will receive an email with your gift certificates and thier individual certificate Promo Codes. These codes will be unique to the Certificate and can be entered in when booking a class. The code will expire one year from purchase.


This certificate will be printable if you wish to give it in person.


  • Refunds and Exchanges

    A Level 1 (Tools of the Trade) or Level 2 (The 4 Patch) certificate can be exchanged for a Level 1 or Level 2 class, NOT a Level 3 (Domestic Quilting 101) Class.

    A Level 3 class (Domestic Quilting 101) can be exchanged for a Level 1 or a Level 2 Class.

    No refunds available after the class is booked using the certificates Promo Code.


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