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Quilt Patch Course Academy

Turns your craft into a course!

The Promise

Let's create an amazing workshop and make an impact. 

The Quilt Patch Course Academy is a place where your passion for quilting, crafting, and creativity can truly flourish! This live virtual course is tailor-made to help you transform your creative ideas and patterns into an unforgettable learning experience. Together, we'll help you organize and strategize, so that you can confidently teach with creativity and draw upon your invaluable knowledge and experience. 

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My Signature Course Design Framework  

Living Room



I will walk you through my Course Map, which maps:

  • Exactly how much information to include in your workshop,

  • Complete clarity on steps and your process inside the course,

  • Efficient plan to move students through the material and keep them engaged,

  • Be able to recreate the same well-designed workshop over and over in different formats.



A simple Marketing Strategy, the Students Journey will:

  • Clearly plan where and how to find new learners,

  • Get actionable feedback,

  • Plan how to continuously optimize your workshop easily and effectively.

We will also cover systems, like how to get the students registered and get them the information they need.



You will receive a high level of support and community to provide feedback from like-minded peers.

Group Coaching for strategy and idea generation​.

Tech assistance with setting up a live class, a digital course, and digital marketing. 


The Gap

I'm here to bridge the gap many "launch that course" experts miss: the course! Without a well-designed course, it's difficult to create impact and revenue. 


Let's expand on how you can take an idea for a workshop or course, design the curriculum and presentation for it, and then launch the course. If you've been waiting for months or years, stuck and not teaching, it's time to take action. 

Debbie Kauffman

Drawing with Needles

Tori lays out a well thought out and organised introduction to creating your course, which helps you to learn to do the same for your students. The information about how different types of students learn was fascinating and helped me to see areas where I could improve my students experience. The forms included in this class and her eagerness to offer real world ideas will only enhance your future class offerings.

Nadia Bourget

The Tilted Thimble

This class is a great way to learn how to create an entire curriculum. I really loved taking this class from you. You were an excellent teacher.

Shannon Gorton

Essential Emotions Coach

If you want to learn how to easily create a class/course please enroll. Tori clearly shows how to do that from start to finish. She shares soooo much information. I started this class knowing nothing about designing a course/class but with Tori's guidance I now feel like I can confidently do so.


I Wanted a Better Way...

I sat frustrated and confused in front of my laptop looking at information on the next duty station assigned by the Army: Arizona. The pay for a public classroom teacher was so-so for the cost of living, but then I found the cost of daycare for my 9 month old. Some quick math told me I'd be taking home less than $1,000 a month. Exasperated with my career choice and with the military lifestyle yet again, I slammed my laptop shut and went back to my sewing machine to mull this over.


I wanted a better way to provide for my family. I was a burned out teacher, with a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. Was there something else I could do? I didn't know if I could make a public education career work in Arizona, so I decided to design my own career. 


I began designing and publishing quilt patterns and teaching quilting workshops at my local shop (shout out to Sew Easy Sewing!) and to Quilt Guilds all over the United States. It wasn't easy, but I was able to be home with my son and the pandemic opened the door to virtual presentations and workshops! I could teach all over the world and help quilters from my little sewing room in Arizona! 


While teaching and working alongside quilting professionals, I noticed a gap. I've met creative people from around the world, many who wanted to teach, but didn't know how to take their craft to turn it into an organized and lucrative workshop. These wonderful women needed some strategy, guidance, and accountability to keep them moving forward and help them create their own income and impact in their creative community. I had found a spot for me! Excitedly, I pivoted my business to teaching the teacher!

Currently, I have combined my passion for quilting with my current profession as an Instructional Designer in a tech company, with that Masters in Education to built the Quilt Patch Course Academy.

In the Quilt Patch Course Academy I assist Quilt and Craft Teachers in transforming their craft into a successful course or workshop that is both lucrative and impactful. As a teacher, coach, and author, my goal is to help you create engaging and impactful workshops that keep students coming back for more!


Meet the Instructor: Tori McElwain

Alumni Story


Darla was a quilter who had been quilting on her longarm for 15 years. Retirement was coming quickly  and she was looking for a way to create supplemental income for herself and her husband. She also wanted to create an impact and stay involved in her community. When she came across the quilting courses that Tori was teaching, it sparked an idea! She had so many people asking her to teach them how to free motion quilt, but no room in her sewing room. Could she create an online workshop?

With the guidance of the Quilt Patch Course Academy's framework, feedback and a few Strategy Sessions, Darla Hall now has her own set of Free Motion Quilting workshops that are organized and easily repeatable. Her first launch of her organic free motion series had 6 students, generating an extra $1,600 revenue! Darla has since launched her own website, been booked by several Quilt Guilds, and has welcomed new long-arming customers! 

Darla Hennessee Hall, Quilting with Darla

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