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Want to get the most out of SIMPLIFY? Check out a few resources below.

See you LIVE on July 20th at 12 PM ET (9 AM PT)

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Cutting Fabric

Plan for Success

Many professional quilters and crafters make the mistake of avoiding or poorly planning out their goals for the quarter which typically leads to overwhelm, confusion, and poor sales. 

Whether you are interested in using digital marketing to launch a workshop, a pattern, or a service in the digital space, having a plan in place will make the SIMPLIFY Your Digital Marketing Workshop much more valuable and applicable.

As a Co-Host of the Quilting on the Side Podcast, I've created a resource to help you set goals for the next quarter, or if you're inspired the next year!

How to Pick One Offer

Planning a Digital Marketing Strategy around several different offers is overwhelming. The system that you will learn can be applied to any workshop, pattern, or service you choose to sell online. 

Making a Quilt
The Replay 

At 24-ish minutes in the video (after the activity) I didn't realize I was muted, but the sound came back at 25:22! Whoops!

This replay will be available until July 30th. 

About the DMMC Programs



A Scaled-Down Version of the DMMC to help you build a strong foundation. 

Low Touch

Low Cost



The Full Digital Marketing MAGIC Community (DMMC) is where you learn how to build a digital marketing system. 


Strategy Sessions

Work with me one-on-one to help you design a strategy for social media, launches, or email marketing.

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