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Before MAGIC there's a


Digital Marketing Foundations for Quilters and Crafters

Making a Quilt

Empowering Quilters and Crafters to use the digital space to get more eyes on what you are offering. 

Build a strong foundation for:

Social Media

Email Marketing


Low Cost

Designed for beginning teachers, pattern designers, and service providers.

Facebook Group Community 

Foundations and Experiment Stages from the DMMC Program

Monthly Group Coaching with Tori McElwain

Quarterly Planning

Designer workshop
High Reward

Sheena, Green Man Quilts

I know that a good marketing strategy is key for my business, but this is the area in which I am floundering the most. Tori's program offers structured learning around these key points together with sound business basics specifically related to a quilting business. 

Laureen, Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts

I am terrible at advertising.


Now: Better bio! I am getting more hits by showing my face more often. Tori’s positive attitude and energy is infectious. She helps you focus to get results.

Darla, Quilting with Darla

Tori's genuine enthusiasm and passion towards helping others grow there business is contagious! She motivates me to reach further and set higher goals than I would on my own.

Best Value




Every month

Digital Marketing Magic Foundations

Valid until canceled

Access to Foundations and Experiment Stages from the DMMC

Monthly Group Coaching with Tori

Private Community on Facebook Group

A Kick-off Strategy Session

Study Hall and Quarterly Planning Events

What's Inside? 

SPARKLE is designed to help you create a strong foundation for your digital marketing system.  



As a scaled-down version of the DMMC, SPARKLE has the first two Stages of the Program: Foundations and Experiment .

Inside SPARKLE you will also have the following live events with me, Tori!

  • 1 One-on-one Kick-off Session

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Study Hall

  • Annual and Quarterly Planning

Blue Green New Arrival Sale Product Mock up Instagram Post.png

Everyone is at a different stage. 

Which option fits you?

SPARKLE is ideal for those who have more time than funds to set up a strong foundation for their digital marketing.

MAGIC (the full DMMC) is designed to guide you from start to finish a digital marketing system quickly with more one-on-one help. 

All My Digital Marketing Offers:



A Scaled-Down Version of the DMMC to help you build a strong foundation. 

Low Touch

Low Cost



The Full Digital Marketing MAGIC Community (DMMC) is where you learn how to build a digital marketing system. 


Strategy Sessions

Work with me one-on-one to help you design a strategy for social media, launches, or email marketing.

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