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I have surveyed hundreds of quilters to find out which terms confused them the most when they began quilting and put together this Guide. It is filled with explanations for the most confusing terms and acronyms in quilting! This is an amazing resource for new quilters. It has an index to find specific terms, nuggets of tips and suggestions, and best of all: visuals!


It is now available in a Print version! This guide in PDF form is a free Bonus in all my online classes and the published book is discounted. To see what classes I am offering click here.


To see where the inspiration came from, see my blog post here.


"About this Guide: This is meant to be a helpful vernacular guide for beginner and moderate quilters. It does not contain every word, phrase, or abbreviation or technique used in quilting, but it is my hope that it can be a quick reference guide to the basic terms and most common abbreviations used in quilt patterns, guilds, classes, and even on social media. I made this guide for my beginner and moderate quilting classes and I hope it will be helpful for you, too! This guide is written alphabetically with pictures for each word/phrase/abbreviation as needed. All vocabulary words are bolded and bolded within other definitions. Search the index for specific terms!"



Instant Download - What the FPP is That?! Quilting Terms: A Vernacular Guide

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