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The Book for Quilt and Craft Teachers
by Tori McElwain

Preorder your Ebook: Workshops Unleashed! A Guide for Quilting & Crafting Instructors to Create Dynamic and Impactful Workshops.


In Workshops Unleashed, you'll unlock the secrets to designing and delivering workshops that captivate, inspire, and ignite participants' learning potential.


Whether you're a seasoned educator or a novice workshop facilitator, this book provides a comprehensive framework that combines theory, practical tips, and real-life examples to help you create dynamic and impactful learning experiences. Unleash the power of workshops and transform the way you educate, motivate, and inspire others.

Turquoise Couch


Designed to help you create an impactful workshop, now. You'll learn:

Design Your Workshop: Map it Out

I'll walk you through step by step how to create a Curriculum Map for a workshop or course. It breaks down the components of the map, including the objective, methodology, and content, and provides tips for creating an effective introduction.

Your Studnets Journey

A holistic way of developing a marketing structure to get your students into your workshops from your first launch to continuously welcoming new students. 

Price to Thrive

I take you through my pricing strategy emphasizing the importance of pricing for value and not for time; creating conditions for both you, the instuctor, and the students to thrive.


The book includes stories, examples, exercises, and helpful templates in the Appendix to set you up for success.


My Story

I began designing and publishing Quilt Patterns and teaching quilting workshops as a way to afford my daily Starbucks. As I discovered how enjoyable and profitable it could be, I became fully immersed! Combining my passion for quilting with my profession as an Instructional Designer, with a Masters in Education, I founded the Quilt Patch Course Academy and wrote Workshops Unleashed.


I assist Quilt and Creative Teachers in transforming their craft into a successful course or workshop that is both lucrative and impactful. As a teacher, coach, and author, my goal is to help you create engaging and impactful workshops that keep students coming back for more!

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