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Client Testimonials 

Hear from students and clients about their experiences with my one-on-one services! These include Strategy Sessions and one-on-one work in the Digital Marketing Magic Community.

Dry and Wet Paint

Sheena, Green Man Quilts

"I know that a good marketing strategy is key for my business, but this is the area in which I am floundering the most. Tori's program offers structured learning around these key points together with sound business basics specifically related to a quilting business. Her focus and knowledge of the business spoke to my needs at this time.

Following my initial strategy session, during which Tori encouraged me to offer my zoom talks and workshops internationally, I now have an international talk booked in for later this year. I also re-visited my pricing structure. As a result my business is already on a more sound financial footing"

Darla, Quilting with Darla

"Tori's genuine enthusiasm and passion towards helping others grow there business is contagious! She motivates me to reach further and set higher goals than I would on my own.

Just book that session! You won't believe how it will drive your business and motivate you."

Susan, Nimble Theedle

"We had a lot of brainstorming. It brought new life into my business. I like that I will be focusing on just one social media with a plan to get it accomplished. One direction instead of looking at all of the shiny objects and thinking I have to do everything at once.


Social Media and starting a new business can be overwhelming. Having help focusing on one concept at a time is very helpful. All of the personal ideas that were shared, not only creates excitement but a vision and direction I can follow."

Pina, Quilt Delights

"Finding marketing help in the digital realm, most importantly specific to quilting from a quilter who gets it. If you need clarity and a roadmap to follow in your business go and check out Tori!


In just an hour Tori has helped me pave my path towards my goals with such clarity, focus and precision. She has a wealth of knowledge and can personalise your needs to suit your authentic direction. I have no doubt she will help steer your path to success too!”

Lynn, Puppy Girl Designs

"I have come to look differently at my business. I feel like I have a real chance to be successful.

I would say take the class, it will make a real difference to you and your business!!"

I'd love to work with you! 

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