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Free Motion Quilting with Guest Teacher: Darla Hall 

"These classes have helped me be more confident in just going for it and that I can do it! Loved all the classes!!"

Michele Jardell / Longarm Quilter

"Quilt as Desired" does that phrase freeze you in your tracks?

You're in the RIGHT place!


Let's level up your quilting! You will be learning simple designs and how to use them to create beautiful, intricate looking texture! 

This 3 part series is designed for adventurous beginners and intermediate quilters who:

  • have NO idea what to quilt where

  • want to learn basic and a few intermediate free motion quilting designs 

  • want to learn how to use rulers

  • have free motion quilted at least 1 or 2 tops or projects (pillows, bags, or table runners count!)

  • own a domestic sewing machine, mid-arm, or a longarm machine

  • want to create beautiful texture on a quilt top with simple designs

  • who want to build confidence in  their free motion quilting skills 

Does that sound like you? See more details below:

1st Class: Ruler Work 

2nd Class: Free Motion Fillers 

3rd Class: Fun and Frilly Feathers

Bonus Class: Fill Your Panel - available with purchase of the whole series

Ruler Work

Grab your favorite ruler, or one of Darla's suggestions, and get started on learning how to free motion quilt with a ruler! You will be learning how to plan and quilt with straight-lines, how to "echo quilt" with your favorite ruler, cross hatching, and other filler motifs to help you fill in different blocks using a ruler. Straight and curved rulers will be demonstrated.  


Free Motion Fillers

Want to create an organic design with ease and beautiful texture?

You will learn how to use basic designs to up level your quilting with swirls, McTavishing Swirls, shells, rainbows, and pebbles to help you create your own organic quilting fillers! These are techniques used to create amazing texture and can fill up blocks or negative space fast!


Fun and Frilly Feathers

Feathers are a fun and elegant way to elevate your quilting! You will be learning Victorian Feathers, Funky Feathers, and Double Feathers! After class you will be able to fill a border or sashing, a square, and a triangle with these beautiful feather motifs! 

Imagine being a quilter who:

...knows what kinds of designs you like for different shapes!

...knows simple designs of Free Motion Quilting to use on a top - and knows how to use them (with a panel quilted to look back at and to show off what you like!)

...creates classic or fun quilted feathers!

...knows how to use those fancy rulers that are gathering dust on your shelf!

...can choose whether or not to pay another quilter to finish your quilts - or being able to communicate what you want on a quilt with your longarm quilter (you know, for those few to-big-to-handle quilts!)

...(for those in business) finally offering custom quilting using your unique style! Creating a truly unique product for your customers.

Your success in building these skills is the priority, so we carefully chose the bonuses below for support:

Bonuses Included When Booking the full Series:

  • Practice Panel and Bonus Class with Darla using the Practice Panel! 

  • Blue Marking Pen, Quilter's Apothecary Straight line ruler, Quilters Notebook to set you up for success!

  • Recorded Lessons for Future Reference!

  • PDF Worksheets of Step by Step directions (with pictures)!

  • PDF Workbook with multiple blocks for design and sketch practice!

  • New Addition: 30 min 1-on-1 private lesson with Darla!

Bonuses Included When Booking 1 Class:

  • Recorded Lessons for Future Reference!

  • PDF Worksheets of Step by Step directions (with pictures)!

Bonuses 2023.jpg

Included Workbooks: 

Darla Hall

Darla has been free motion quilting on her A-1 Longarm, lovingly named Frankie, for 17 years! She has quilted for clients all over the United States. She has quilted 6 Best of Show quilts, and has been hired for quilt shops and pattern designers to quilt their featured quilts. Darla has mastered several quilting motifs such as feathers, working with rulers, Graffiti Quilting by Karlee Porter and McTavishing by Karen McTavish. Darla is even certified to teach McTavishing!  


Darla has developed her own style from her love of experimenting with different quilting motifs and wants to help other quilters develop their own organic style!

Answers to frequently asked questions:

How the Classes will work:

  • Classes will be hosted live over Zoom so that you can receive immediate feedback and answers to your questions.

  • There will be a Maximum of 15 students, allowing the instructor to give individual attention where needed.

  • Your bonus Panel, ruler, Quilter's Notebook, and marking pen to be mailed to you.  

  • You will be able to book a single class or the whole 3 part series. 

  • These classes are hands-on for Domestic Machine, Midarm, and Longarm Quilters. Designs learned here are demonstrated on a Longarm and can be translated to any size machine - Darla will show you how.

  • Classes are designed for you to quilt along.

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