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Digital Marketing Magic for Quilters and Crafters 

The DMMC Program

Are you frustrated with your social media and email marketing efforts and not seeing the desired results?


Say goodbye to those challenges and hello to the Digital Marketing Magic Framework! This five-stage approach is here to support you like a friendly guide, helping you lay a strong foundation, explore and experiment, find consistency, refine your strategies, and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of social media and email marketing. Get ready to transform your results, market with more ease, and connect with your audience!

Designers Working Together
Creative process

The DMMC Community

Introducing the Digital Marketing Magic Community : Your Support for Success and Collaboration 

 Included is our supportive community built around the powerful Digital Marketing Magic Program. 


Experience the benefits of group coaching, where you'll receive expert guidance and learn from fellow quilting business owners. Collaborate with like-minded professionals, seize exciting collaboration opportunities, and leverage the collective wisdom of the community.


Take your marketing to new heights with personalized one-on-one strategy sessions, where Tori will help you fine-tune your approach. Together, we'll navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape and unlock the full potential of the DMMC Framework, propelling your success.


Join the DMM Community & Program today and embark on a transformative journey towards marketing ease and meaningful connections.

What's Inside the Community?

Group Coaching

Bring your questions about the Digital Marketing Success Path, strategy around getting more leads, eyes on your offer, pricing questions, course design questions, and planning/strategy ideas from Tori and the community!

Community Events

Live virtual events are hosted each month. This includes Social Media Socials where we plan the next month's social media with help from Tori and the Community. Study Hall, where we cowork and set intentional time to knock tasks off your task list! 

Facebook Group

Communicate, connect, share, ask questions, and share your offers in the DMMC Facebook group! 

Collaboration Opportunities 

We are all in the quilting and crafting industry - you will be among your industry peers!  Collaboration is key to growing your business and we are all in the same boat and can collaborate to help each other. 

Get in for Free until November 1, 2023 and test it out. 

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