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The DMMC Program

Helping quilters and crafters stitch together a Digital Marketing System with ease and creativity. 


Say goodbye to frustration and overwhelm in social media and email marketing and hello to the Digital Marketing MAGIC Program! This Program encompasses a five-stage approach to support you like a friendly guide, helping you lay a strong foundation, explore and experiment, find consistency, refine your strategies, and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of social media and email marketing. Get ready to transform your results, market with more ease, and connect with your audience!

Designers Working Together
Creative process

The DMMC Community

Your Support for Accountability and Collaboration 

Included is our supportive community built around the powerful Digital Marketing Magic Program. 


Experience the benefits of live events such as Study Hall, Social Media Socials, and Group Coaching, where you'll receive expert guidance and learn from fellow craft business owners. Collaborate with like-minded professionals, and leverage the collective wisdom of the community.


Included are personalized one-on-one Strategy Sessions, where Tori will help you fine-tune your approach.


Together, we'll navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape and unlock the full potential of the DMMC Program, propelling your success forward.


"I know that a good marketing strategy is key for my business, but this is the area in which I am floundering the most. Tori's program offers structured learning around these key points together with sound business basics specifically related to a quilting business. Her focus and knowledge of the business spoke to my needs at this time.

Following my initial strategy session, during which Tori encouraged me to offer my zoom talks and workshops internationally, I now have an international talk booked in for later this year. I also re-visited my pricing structure. As a result my business is already on a more sound financial footing"

- Sheena, Green Man Quilts

What's Inside?

The Digital Marketing Magic Community and Program grew out of the question "What's next?" 

You may have a workshop, course, or product, but how do you reach your customers? There are several ways, one of which is with digital marketing. Inside the Digital Marketing Magic Community (DMMC) you will learn the streamlined approach to getting more eyes on your workshops or offers using Social Media and Email Marketing within a community of like-minded peers.

The goal is to help keep you moving forward with a clear path saving you time, money, and loads of frustration. 


You will be supported with social and working events, and personalized Strategy Sessions and group coaching with me, Tori!

In other words...

Lynn Kane, Puppy Girl Designs

Program came highly recommended by former student.

I have come to look differently at my business. I feel like I have a real chance to be successful.

Take the class, it will make a real difference to you and your business!!

Laureen, Tourmaline and Thyme Quilts

I am terrible at advertising.


Now: Better bio! I am getting more hits by showing my face more often. Tori’s positive attitude and energy is infectious. She helps you focus to get results.



Giuseppina, The Quilty Colour Coach

Finding marketing help in the digital realm, most importantly specific to quilting from a quilter who gets it.


If you need clarity and a roadmap to follow in your business go and check out Tori!

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