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The Patches Subscription is designed for adventurous beginner quilters and intermediate quilters who are interested in testing out different Quilting techniques all in 1 place.

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Building Your Quilting Skills

Quilting is about fun and creative expression. We are focused on exploring different quilting techniques so you can find what ignites your creativity. 

 The Patches Subscription is a community that is build around developing your quilting skills so that you can make any quilting project you have in mind. 

I focus on creativity and foundations, not perfection. Our Skill Building BOM (Block of the Month) covers Foundation Paper Piecing, Machine Applique, Scrappy piecing, and Improv piecing. Its all in 1 place!

The Subscription includes Color Confidence for Quilters Master Color Summer Series (starts June 2021), as well as the Skill Building Quilt Program that you can do at your own pace. See more below.

Lets Get Creative!

Michele Punter

The classes challenge me to learn, and I love having support from the instructor and having others’ interaction too.


Building a Virtual Community

Exclusive content, Block of the Month program, Mini Quilt Swaps, monthly meeting with Show and Tells and a private Facebook group!

Take our community Anywhere!

Have a question about squaring blocks? How tos? Getting perfect points? I create specific mini lessons based on your needs. Think of me as your quilting tutor!

Specific Mini Lessons

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A Quick Overview of the Patches Subscription:

Join Risk Free: 
If you find that the Patches Subscription is not for you, get a full refund if you cancel your subscription in the first 2 months.

Karen Blount

My Favorite part of the Patches Subscription are the classes and hearing what other people are working on

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for beginner and intermediate quilters with some advanced techniques for challenges. It is for quilters looking for a positive learning environment and a small virtual community. I wanted to create a program that would be educational and inclusive of all experience levels. 

If you are brand new to quilting, check out my On Demand Leveled Classes here to start with the very basics. 




What happens after I sign up?

You will receive a Welcome email with your discount codes and information on where to start, including a link to our private Facebook page. I do suggest logging on to the Website immediately and setting up your password (if needed) and exploring the different Patches Subscription Pages. The Patches Curriculum Page will be the best starting point to navigate the pages and see the standing Curriculum in the subscription.  This includes the Skill Building Block of the Month! 

How do I participate after I sign up?

We have an active Facebook group called Quilting with Patches that you can join and post in. I also email  out a newsletter once a month and reminders for our different events. We also have a monthly meeting where all important current and upcoming events are discussed and we do a Show and Tell on any project that you are working on. Currently, all of our live events, including the month meeting, are held on Zoom. You will receive links to the meetings and events. You can just click on these Zoom links and attend on a smart phone or computer!  

All programs with in the Patches Subscription are life time access. You can go through any Program (like the Skill Building BOM) or any Quarterly Project (like the Scrappy Pumpkin quilt!) at your own pace or/and join any current events or projects happening currently with in the Subscription. 

What if I join and this program is not for me?

That is totally fine if this program is not for you! I offer a 2 month money back guarantee on both the monthly subscription and the Annual Subscription. Please keep in mind that after a Subscription is canceled, you can not sign up with the same email later on. Its a function build into the website. 

Have any more question? Please contact us below!

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Feel free to send in any questions, feedback, or suggested mini lessons!


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