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Building Your Quilting Skills

Random Objects

Lets Get Creative! 

Quilting is about fun and creative expression. In the Skill Building BOM we are focused on exploring different quilting techniques so you can find what ignites your creativity. 

The Skill Building BOM was developed to help you learn quilting piecing skills so that you can make any quilting project you have in mind.


As an instructor, I focus on creativity and foundations of piecing, not perfection. Our Skill Building BOM (Block of the Month) covers Foundation Paper Piecing, Machine Applique, Scrappy Piecing, and Improv Piecing. Its all in 1 place!

Choose your Plan

  • Annual Skill BOM

    Annual Payment for the Skill Building BOM
    Valid for one year
    • Same Benefits as the Annual Plan
    • 1 Month Free!
    • 1 Payment!
  • DMMC 3 Month Plan

    Every 3 months
    Pay Quarterly for DMMC.
    • The Digital Marketing Magic Program and Community
    • 1 Strategy Session
    • Pay Quarterly
    • No refunds
  • DMMC Annual Payment

    Every year
    Pay for the full year
    • DMMC Gold Plan

      For Course Creators
      Valid for 6 months
      • DMMC Program & Community Access
      • Course Creation VIP Day
      • Monthly 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions
      • Private Voxer Channel with Tori
      • Designed to get you in Business Quickly

    Michele Punter

    The classes challenge me to learn, and I love having support from the instructor and having others’ interaction too.

    Virtual Community 

    Monthly live meeting with Show and Tells and a private Facebook group!

    Mother and Daughter

    Take Our Community Anywhere!

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