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Mindsets and Quilting

Featured Writer of July : Susanne McPhee


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Hi I’m Susanne, an Inspirational Sewing Instructor who loves mindset work and expressing herself through quilting and any quick and easy sewing projects. And this is me on our wedding day in May 2021. 😊

I was born and raised in Germany but living in sunny Queensland, Australia, with my wonderful husband, daughter, and our dog, Jek.

While I’ve always been pulled towards sewing, I discovered my passion for quilting in 2013 when I was introduced to it by my mother in-law. Once I discovered the endless creativity that goes into creating a quilt, and the wonderful stories that accompany each quilt, I couldn’t help but learn more about it. I started to experiment, to learn the basic techniques, and to find a way to create them simply and harness the joy of the quilting journey.

A few years ago I started to follow my heart and started a business in the sewing world. I had no plan, nor a clue what exactly I wanted to do or which direction exactly I wanted to go. I just knew it had to be somehow connected to sewing. I started experimenting with creating finished products and selling them, but soon I realized I don’t like sewing the same things over and over again. But, I did like creating the projects themselves.

Then a little later I decided to teach sewing to others. I loved the idea as this could enable me to share my passion for sewing (especially quilting) with others and in a very deep way. They could learn the basics and start making their own wonderful creations, as well as experience the magical power that comes when expressing yourself through homemade creations.

Fast forward to today, I finally feel like I know my destination. I have created some beginner sewing classes -- an online workshop that concentrates on the sewing basics that we can find in all 3 sewing segments, and a more in-depth in-person beginner class that I currently teach to children and adults. I’m planning to turn this one into an online class one day as well, but for now the workshop and booklet covers all of those topics but asks for a bit more initiative from each person to work their way through.

I’ve created a course to teach the absolute basics of quilting online by making a super simple baby quilt. Currently, I’m working on a quilt sample that I’d like to teach online and in-person that enables everyone to create a quilt in a few simple ways without feeling overwhelmed. This sample will also allow students to learn as many or as little different techniques as they wish.

I believe that anything is possible if you truly believe in it and feel it. With the right mindset you can overcome any obstacle, and also see the silver lining in any situation no matter how bad or negative it may look. While teaching quilting/sewing to beginners, it’s important to me to also connect the mindset work that I love so much and subconsciously do every day into the quilting experience.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know how on Earth I’m ever going to accomplish this, but I recently have been reminded to have faith and things will fall into place when it is time.

With this new found spirit, I’ll venture on and try to do my best to help others find the joy in expressing their creativity through quilting, or any simple and quick sewing projects. I'm also planning to share some more information on mindset work, and how I see the world and its hidden gems through an open and positive mind. And maybe, just maybe, my point of view and experiences can help others to find their own gems and discover the subconscious power of creativity.

To some of you, this whole approach or way of looking at it may sound strange, and you would rather look for quilting tips or knowledge that brings you further with your sewing skill, and that’s OK. But every time I look into the eyes of one of my students and see those sparkles in their eyes after leaving class, I know that there is more to it. I know that every little step, even if it is the hardest step you’ve ever taken, can be very rewarding.

My message goes out to all those who have ever felt discouraged about trying a new skill like quilting, or felt discouraged by comments from others when their first stitches were not the most perfect. To those who look at someone else’s project and think that they will never be able to create anything like that. Well, let me be your cheerleader telling you that you can! The first stitches you make might not be the straightest, but as I always tell my kids in sewing class, you will gain confidence over time. The most important part is the journey, that you enjoy it as much (if not even more) than the finished project. And, most importantly, there is no right or wrong; there is only a "what works for you" approach.

I know what it feels like to lose your sewing mojo, and feel trapped in your own thoughts or the feeling of being pulled away from something that you would love doing/creating. I also know how it feels when you feel out of line or controlled by an inner force that doesn’t support your creative endeavors.

But, I also know the magical feeling that shows up sometimes when you are fully emerged in a project. When it has you in its grips, and you feel the colors and pattern of the fabric in front of you dancing around you, making you feel thrilled and joyous. When you're forming ideas in your mind and becoming alert to whispers of what you can create. The different color combinations and the feelings and memories you experience during the creative process make you feel alive.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced sewist, we all have this in common. Sometimes we forget about why we create in the first place. We forget about this wonderful feeling that creating gives us.

My pro-tip to you is:

  1. To start with small and manageable projects (simple is great; even simpler is better) 😉 and

  2. Enjoy the journey. Creating is not a race, especially quilting. It’s about what we stitch into it -- Our emotions, feelings and memories.

With these last words I’d like to thank Tori for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on quilting and tell a bit more about my story.

If this whole mindset and beginner sewing/quilting approach of mine is something you are interested in learning more about, follow me on my journey and see if I have something that might be helpful to support you in your quilting journey. 😊

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Coffee Chat with Susanne McPhee

Coffee Chats with Quilters is a new interview series about the quilters behind the Quilts and Quilt Designs! In this episode I interview Susanne McPhee! We talk about her story in quilting! Susanne shares how she loves teaching beginning quilting along with creating different quilt designs, and her study of mindset.

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