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Skill Building Block of the Month Quilt Program

Updated: May 30, 2023

Tori McElwain from The Quilt Patch by Tori


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Month by month On Demand Program to explore 4 skills. Find the quilt-piecing skills you need in 1 place!

The Skill Building Block of the Month (BOM) Quilt Program is an on-demand program designed to help you build or refresh your quilting skills all in 1 place!

The program covers the following Skills:

  • Foundation Paper Piecing

  • Machine Applique

  • Scrappy Piecing

  • Improv Piecing

  • Technical Piecing Skills with Traditional Piecing

This program is built as a creative framework. It is all about YOU and what you would like to learn and how fast you'd like to learn it! If there is a skill you already know and love, we will have alternative traditionally pieced blocks that come together in some fun, and again, skill-building ways - all at your own pace!

I also encourage you to join our community in the Facebook group Quilting with the Patches for any additional assistance.

Here is how the program is laid out:

After you sign up, you will be emailed a welcome email. From there, you can sign into the website and see the Skill Building BOM page where all the classes and Block Patterns for each skill are. You will also have access to the Quilting with the Patches Facebook Group for any assistance.

Each Skill will be covered in depth over 3 classes. Each month is dedicated to a skill-building block and every other month an optional traditionally pieced block is added. Each following block will be more difficult than the previous block in the Skill Building series. A full syllabus and schedule are provided in your Welcome Email and on the Skill Building BOM page on the website. See a simplified version below.

Optional Schedule:

  • January - March: Foundation Paper Piecing

  • April - June: Machine Applique (Turned Edge, Raw Edge, DYI)

  • July - September: Scrappy Piecing

  • October - December: Improv Piecing

  • December: Ideas on how to piece together, layout, and quilt your quilt!

Each Skill is introduced in the first Skill block video and built on through the following Skill videos. For instance, when paper piecing we use a simple heart block first to learn how to paper piece, then you piece a cactus block that has more challenges, and lastly, you can choose between 2 challenge blocks to work on y-seams and curved seams (or both!).

There is a total of 18 recorded videos and 20 block patterns!

All Blocks are 12 inches by 12 inches finished. It is suggested that you aim for 9 blocks, 12 blocks, or 20 for an even quilt. HOWEVER, these 12"x 12" blocks can make great pillows if you make an odd number. Borders can also be added to make lap quilts or wall-hanging quilts. We are a creative bunch, us quilters, and I don't think these blocks will go to waste. You can also add your own blocks. There are 3 opportunities to create your own designs!

I encourage you to create this quilt at your own pace. All videos will be available for 1 year. You can take this BOM Skill Building Quilt as slow or fast as you like.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This Program is an at-your-own-pace program. It's meant to give you a creative framework to build your skills and have fun. Please do not feel pressured to keep up during your busy times. You will have a year's access to all instructional materials.

  • There are no refunds.

  • You will be encouraged to use the fabric in your stash for experiments prior to making a block.

  • You need at least (you can have more!) 6 colors for your quilt: A neutral, a dark, and 4 other colors. You will also need materials such as webbing for applique, the ability to print for paper piecing, and all basic sewing notions. More details on materials and choosing fabrics are provided in the syllabus.

Here are some computer-made mock-ups. Keep in mind, this is YOUR Skill Building Quilt. You have complete creative liberty over which blocks you will create. Your end product will differ slightly (or maybe more than slightly!) from the examples shown below and that is a wonderful and fabulous thing!

I can't wait to learn and create with you!

See the Gallery below to see some finished blocks from the Skill Building BOM Program.


New Bonuses!

  • Finishing your Quilt: Sashing, Batting, and Basting - Live Class and Recorded Video

After you complete your blocks, let's put it all together in a beautiful keepsake quilt. Learn how to add sashing, different kinds of Batting, and how to pin, thread, or spray-baste your top.

  • Finishing your Quilt: Quilting Ideas (including Quilt as you go and Free Motion Ideas) - Live Class and Recorded Video

Based on my Machine Quilting 101 class and Quilting Motifs: Design with Confidence workshop, take a crash course in the popular Quilt as you go technique and how to design the quilting for edge-to-edge or custom block motifs. I will also demonstrate Machine binding.

  • Certificate of Completion and Custom Corner Quilt Label for your finished quilt!

Send in and share a picture of your finished quilt top to receive your Certificate of Completion and Custom Corner Quilt Label! You can choose a neutral color fabric (white, grey, or black) and a color thread. We all have a color preference and I want you to be able to match your label with your quilt.

Monthly Subscription $14/month

Annual Subscription $165/year



What is a Block of the Month (BOM) Program?

A Block of the Month program or BOM, is a quilt program where the pattern for a quilt is released one block at a time over the course of a few months or a year. This particular BOM is focused on teaching new skills and has released block patterns and accompanied recorded instructional videos. At the end of the program, you will have a finished quilt and 4 new quilting techniques!

Who is the Skill Building BOM Program for?

I have designed this program for busy quilters who would like to learn new skills or refresh unused skills. It is designed for beginner and intermediate quilters with some advanced techniques added to encourage and challenge your creativity. These classes are recorded and made available for 1 year.

How much of a time commitment is it?

The blocks are 12" x 12" finished with many to choose from to customize your quilt. Overall, I would expect a beginner quilter to spend about 5 - 6 hours (at most) a month on the program.

What skills will we be learning?

Paper Piecing, Machine Applique, Scrappy Piecing, and Improv Piecing!

Traditional pieced blocks will be included to support your technical piecing skills and act as fillers if needed. They are also included to take the place of any skill that you do not wish to learn or refresh.

How much is it?

Not as much as you'd think considering the direct instruction and support. It is $14 a month or $165 a year. Plus, the price of fabric and a few materials you purchase on your own. The introduction video has suggestions to help you choose your fabric!


Sign up for the Skill Building BOM, click here.

To help keep you organized, you can find a free Project Bag Pattern here!

To keep in touch, you can sign up for the monthly Newsletter here!


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