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Yvette's Garden Quilt Pattern: a Dresden Plate Quilt

Updated: May 17, 2023

Tori McElwain with The Quilt Patch by Tori


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I'd like to tell you about my friend, Yvette. She was a dedicated nurse for 7 years with a husband and 2 beautiful daughters. She was one of those extraordinary people that made you feel welcome and seen within minutes of meeting her. She was also my twin sister's best friend and I am so glad she had a friend like Yvette!

In 2020, when the pandemic was at its height in New York City she volunteered to fight on the front lines. This past December 2021, while in the hospital to give birth to her second daughter, Yvette caught COVID. It developed into COVID pneumonia and did irreparable damage to her lungs and heart. Yvette fought for 7 months, but did not make it home to her family and newborn daughter.

I can not imagine the emotional pain along with the financial burden, but I wanted to help.

So, I designed a pattern to celebrate Yvette. Yvette's Garden! I have been slowly designing a series of Garden Quilts and it seemed like a perfect addition!

I love that it can look like flowers, sunflowers, and shells depending on the color way you choose! Yvette loved mermaids and her mother called Yvette, her Sunflower. This pattern was released on August 13th, 2022, her birthday!

Along with this beautiful pattern, I will be hosted a FREE Workshop to support any quilters who wanted to learn how to make a quarter Dresden plate (the block in the pattern), or a full Dresden Plate. You can find the recording below.

From the release of this pattern, we were able to raise almost $500 for her family. Thank you for your support! Thank you for your generosity!

As quilts are completed, it is my hope that the quilters who create Yvette's garden will send in pictures of their completed quilts so that I may share them here.

Yvette's Garden Pattern includes 2 sizes:

Large Lap Size: 65” x 65” Throw Size: 65” x 85”

It is made with large blocks that finish at 14 inches making it big, bold, beautiful, and a fast make! It comes with a color sheet and a custom paper template for the Dresden blades.

Enjoy the slide show of colorways below!

I love that it can look like flowers, sunflowers, and shells depending on the colorway you choose!

See the test blocks below!


See the recorded Dresden Workshop below! This is to assist every quilter with making the quarter Dresden block (including how to use the included paper template!). It's easier than you might think if you've never made a Dresden before.


Please check out Yvette's Family's GoFundMe. Anything can help!

Interested in purchasing Yvette's garden? Click here.

To keep in touch, sign up for the monthly Newsletter here!


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