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Personal Desk

1-on-1 Help

For Course Design and Promotions for Crafters and Quilters


Strategy Sessions

Let's work 1 on 1 to map out your unique strategy for your Workshop or next digital marketing project.


  • Need help mapping your next workshop or course?

  • Need help planning out a webinar or workshop launch?

  • Want to turn your course into a webinar or presentation? 

  • Need a strategy for your email newsletter or ideas for weekly social media content?


Book a free call to meet and see how best I can support you!

Your Strategy Session could be used for....

Giuseppina, The Quilty Colour Coach

Finding marketing help in the digital realm, most importantly specific to quilting from a quilter who gets it. If you need clarity and a roadmap to follow in your business go and check out Tori!


"How do I work with you?"

Step 1: Book a 15-minute Chat with Me, Tori, to see how I can support you.

Step 2:  We set up your Strategy Session!

Step 3: We strategize! 

Step 4: You implement your strategy!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

"I had a great 1:1 coaching session with Tori. She asked guiding questions and I was able to flesh out my next course idea with a clear plan of action for next steps. We both felt a sense of excitement while brainstorming topics. I look forward to future opportunities to work with her."

- Andi Standfield, True Blue Quilts


More Client Testimonials 

“Tori did an amazing job for me! I've always wanted to have a curriculum for my longarm classes that flowed and made sense! She took my ideas andmy words and helped me create a brilliant learning tool for my students!”

- Darla Hall, Longarm Darla

Meet Tori!

Course Designer and Quilt Pattern Designer! 

Strategy and Ideation is my jam! I have been studying, experimenting, and implementing Digital Market strategies for Quilt Patterns, a BOM Membership, Quilting Workshops, and Courses for 3 years. Setting up systems and finding my ideal client every step of the way. I'm so excited to help you implement a unique strategy to help you find your people! 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you help me with specific questions like how to price my in person workshop or what tech to use/camera angles for a digital workshop?

Yes! This is exactly why I started offering one-on-one strategy sessions. I would love to talk to you more in  a free chat to see what we can address in our time together. 

2. I'm stuck. I don't have a specific question. Can I still work with you?

Yes! We will work through it together. I love this type of work. When I have a client come to me stuck or overwhelmed and frustrated, it is my goal to help them create a clear plan of action to get them moving again. 

3. I want to book with you, but I am not free for the times listed on the calendar. Is there another time I can work with you?

Yes! Shoot me an email at

4. Are Strategy Sessions Business Coaching?

No. I specialize in workshops (in person, digital, and Guild Programs or online webinars) and digital marketing to get organic traffic to your workshops. My goal for Strategy Sessions is developing action plans for you to move forward with your workshop. Business plans/ models, legal information, business education, and branding is not in my wheel house. 

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