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Are You Ready to Turn Your Craft into a Workshop or Course?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Tori McElwain with The Quilt Patch by Tori


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Are you ready?

If you're here, I'm going to say yes! However, if you're still unsure, let's look at the 7 signs that point to a big YES.

1. Others are Asking You! Questions, Interests, or Comments

Are other people asking you about your projects, or how you did something? Are they showing interest? Making comments like "I wish I could do that!" or "I love the way you did that!" or "Hey that is so different I might have to try that!" Take note of what they are referring to specifically because they are giving you amazing insight into what you could teach. There's interest there, you have an audience!

2. You See a Gap and You Want to Fix it

Do you see others in your craft struggling to get from point A to point B? Do you find yourself answering their questions (whether you actually answer them or not - hello fellow introverts, I see you!) and trying to guide them to see a simple or even complex solution and wishing someone would teach this? If you have a solution that you love and want to share - you're ready to teach!

3. Impact

You love what you're doing and you want to share it with the world. It's that simple.

You know the impact this craft has had on you, your mind, your health, and possibly your soul. Being creative is essential to the human experience. Being creative can come in many forms other than hands-on crafts, but if you're here reading this, my guess is you're a hands-on crafter and your creativity is expressed through what you can create with your hands.

Have you taken a moment to think about how your craft has impacted you?

Your craft can bring a calming impact such as peace, quiet pride, a feeling of accomplishment when a project is finished, ignite curiosity, or evoke a tranquil solitude and meditative state; maybe the impact you feel from your craft is louder with beautiful bold self-expression, passion, and creative justice.

Or it could be a mix of both!

Either way, creativity creates an impact. So, if you're hearing the calling to share that impact, get ready to teach!

4. Income

A starving artist is a trope for a reason. Hands-on crafting can be expensive or just not lucrative. Teaching your craft can help. Funds from workshops can generate income which can be used to fund your hobby or you can create a full-time business out of your craft.

There are several steps and a lot of effort that come with using your craft for income, but it's very possible!

5. You're Already Sharing Your Knowledge

Have you taught a friend your craft? Your nephew, niece, or neighbor? Have you helped out a fellow crafter in Michaels, Joann's, or your local craft store? You're already teaching!

What if you've been sharing or informally teaching and more and more people are asking you for your knowledge? There are so many that you don't have the time to help them all. Then definitely yes, you are ready to create a workshop!

If you can teach 1 person, you have the ability to teach multiple.

6. You Want to be More Involved

Having a workshop can bring new opportunities. Putting together a ready-to-go workshop that you can do again and again, can be offered to new groups of people and get you more involved in your crafting community. Similarly, it impacts your feeling to share with more people in your community and possibly in the wider crafting community!

For example, crafting communities (such as Quilt Guilds) are located all over the United States. If you have a workshop to offer, you can get paid to travel to different quilting communities. You can meet amazing quilters and help introduce your vision, project, pattern, or technique to more quilters all over.

7. Your Mind is Already 2 Steps Ahead

Again, if you're reading this, YES you're ready to start teaching! You keep going back to the idea of a workshop. You're planning your lessons and projects. What you might say through these teachings... keeps coming back to the forefront of your mind.

You're ready for action!

Not sure how to start designing your first workshop or course?

This free Class will go over:

  • 3 Questions to help you choose the topic you want to teach.

  • The 3 elements that make a great course.


  • Worksheet to develop ideas and record your next action steps!

Interested in going deeper? I also offer Course Design help for Quilt and Craft teachers!



More information about Course Design and Coaching

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